How to Achieve Growth and Scale at Your Dental Practice

Dr. Anissa Holmes is passionate about dentistry on a fundamental level, and she takes great pride in her ability to help patients change their lives. But the desire to be an agent of change is not limited to her work as a practitioner. More recently, Dr. Holmes brought her tactics and methodology up the pyramid in order to help practice owners achieve more financial freedom and time so they can make a bigger impact on their families and communities. That is what Delivering WOW is all about.

Currently, Holmes has over 60,000 people following her practice’s page, but the whole process started with setting incremental goals. Social media is fairly inexpensive if it is done properly and after tweaking her strategy, she was able to move from 10 new patients a month to 50 by leveraging simple online platforms that every dental professional already has access to.

Investing in a Business Coach

Learning how to get their message in front of the right audience was a great start, but it wasn’t until Dr. Holmes explored the idea of hiring a business coach that things truly began to click for her. Her practice was seeing a significant increase in patients already, so meeting with someone who knew more about her business than she did was inspirational. Holmes knew it wasn’t a gamble, and even though she had to stretch the budget to hire a coach, she was able to recoup the losses soon thereafter. That year, Dr. Holmes tripled the revenue of her practice, and started thinking about what she wanted to do to create a legacy.

Dr. Holmes’ success with mentorship and business coaching motivated her to do whatever she could to make an impact on her own. She wrote a book, started planning events, and worked with practitioners who were struggling to keep their doors open because she had been in that same position before.

Growth-Oriented From the Very Beginning

When dentists are starting out and looking to grow their practices, the best way to go about it is by taking a holistic approach. Dr. Holmes teaches marketing, digital funnels, and social media in her programs because when effective marketing takes place, dental professionals can find all of the patients who were meant to find them. Marketing is not necessarily going to change everything, but in harmony with collaboration, setting goals, metrics analysis, and mentorship, it can have an immensely transformative effect on the practice.

When all of those processes are aligned, Dr. Holmes can help her practitioners identify deficiencies in their business and hone their communication skills, because both of those components play a major role internally and with clients. Once the transformation is underway, the practice owners can start to focus more on their goals, and attaining the knowledge to achieve them.

By setting goals and creating a system of accountability, practice owners will start to see extremely fast growth while avoiding financial mistakes that can be fatal in some instances. There is a lot of help available and it is extremely important for dental professionals to invest in themselves. So, with resources like Delivering WOW and the Platinum Mastermind, there is no reason anyone should be struggling on their own. Coaching and mentorship can provide the insights needed to run a successful practice, while growth and scale become realistic goals.

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