Top Tax Mistakes

This interview is Craig’s appearance on Bulletproof Dental Practice, a podcast hosted by Dr. Peter Boulden for helping dentists grow their practices through two pillars of success: Systems & Marketing — but — the strategies Craig discussed in this episode are great for any leader in any industry.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Communication: the key to a great relationship with a CPA that is critical for saving money
  • Business is business: why you shouldn’t necessarily gravitate towards a CPA that only focuses on your industry
  • Planning: the most important part of saving money on taxes that most people ignore
  • Why you need to be in regular communication with your CPA (and not just during tax season)
  • Choosing the right entity (LLC, S corp, PC) for your business (and how the wrong one sucks money out of your business)
  • Not falling prey to “tax paranoia”
  • Retirement plans: which is the right one for your business and your employees?
  • Why you should hire your kids in your business
  • Deductions for your home office, gym/pool, vehicle, and more
  • Depreciation and taxes: what you need to know
  • The benefits of writing a book on your business
  • How tax planning saves business owners about $20k a year

How best to connect with Craig:

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