Dave Mammano and the Avanti Entrepreneur Podcast Part II

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Craig I want to ask you some questions about you actually being an entrepreneur. You seem very successful. You say you do have some ADD, but you seem pretty calm, cool and collect to me, which may be just a look for you. Being a CPA, you probably want to project that image. Right? But, what are some of the habits that you have that make you successful as a business owner?

We rely on a lot of systems. Systems are great, but they’re tough to implement and get started. I guess about four years ago we really started to implement, going to all these seminars and everything. I’d come home and talk to my wife about systems. Yes, we have to do this. We have to do this. She’d come back and, have you done it? No. We sat down about four years ago and we started implementing all these systems, which the stress reduction is huge.

Yeah. Routine will set you free. Right?

Yes, really. Well said. Well said. We’ve implemented all these systems which obviously helps keep mistakes from happening, also.

Well, it’s funny because it’s very simple stuff, right? I talk about getting rock hard abs is actually easy. There’s a system. You do about a couple hundred sit ups a day, every day, and you follow a pretty strict diet. Right? You know what to do. It’s nutritious diet and hundreds of sit ups. Right? It’s two things. The process is simple, but doing the process, sticking to the rhythm, that’s the tough part. Right? But once you get into it, it becomes habit. You don’t even think about it anymore. Darren Hardy, former publisher of Success Magazine and now he does Darrendaily.com, he’s a mentor of mine. I know him. In the fall, I went to his Insane Productivity Conference. What he talks about, it’s not mind blowing. Like, oh, my God, that idea is amazing. He gives you very simple principals, but it’s like you need to rinse and repeat these principals. Then, just do them. Schedule them so it becomes in your subconscious. You don’t have to think about doing it, like brushing your teeth. You brush your teeth probably twice a day. Do you think about it that much? No. You just do it, right?

I think what you’re talking about is just establishing rituals, rhythms, processes, to the point where they just become part of your day, part of your rhythm. You don’t even think about it anymore, right?


That is tough to do in the beginning, but once you’re in the rhythm it just becomes part of your daily habit. You look at a lot of the most, I would say, biggest organizations in the world, and they have rituals. They have rhythm. I’m a Catholic, and so the Catholic religion is arguably the biggest religion in the world. Talk about rituals. I went to Ash Wednesday, and had ashes on my forehead. There are rituals and rhythm with the Catholic religion, that it’s very defined. There’s a process to being a good Catholic, and look what’s happened. That’s an example that actually Darren used of an organization that uses rituals, rhythm, and processes and becomes a very large organization. I agree with you completely.

What else? Anything else? Any health habits? Anything else that you do that you feel makes you a really productive, great entrepreneur?

It’s always a struggle, but I try and go every morning for an early walk. That’s when I listen to my podcasts and just kind of clear the brain and think about things that I want to work on.

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