Financial Freedom Now

M.C. Laubscher grew up in South Africa during a period of great social and political transformation, and that played a major role in shaping the way he views the world today. At the time, Laubscher was faced with a crumbling reality which inspired him to become a student of the world. He spent a lot of time overseas after college, eventually playing for a rugby club in the States while he continued his journey of higher education.

Laubscher was rampantly consuming all of the content he could get his hands on pertaining to money, economics and how to become his own greatest asset; that is exactly what he did. The journey culminated in Laubscher’s discovery of a mentor who came from a family with a massive real estate portfolio and he began to learn the ropes. This moved from part-time work to property management, then getting his brokerage license and eventually becoming a part of their acquisitions team.

Endless Cashflow With Infinite Banking

Years later, the journey is still alive and Laubscher spends his time educating others and helping professionals find wealth in even the most difficult of circumstances. A lot of his followers understand that they’re trying to achieve financial freedom, which requires an entirely different plan than the traditional path of a corporate silhouette offers. Business owners and investors want freedom now, but the fundamental problems they face are finding the wrong data, using the wrong terminology, and seeking an asset outside of themselves to help achieve their goals. That is what Laubscher means when he says he is his own greatest asset; Laubscher is the creator and producer of all the value in his life.

All of those concepts are about control, and one approach that Laubscher uses to maintain financial control is infinite banking. In simple terms, it is bringing the banking function back into your own hands by using whole-life insurance policies. These policies distribute dividends to generate income, and they also offer a cash component that acts as collateral for loans so you can borrow against your policy instead of going to a bank. The money can then be cycled back into your business or passive income generators because it is completely freed up. It allows you to achieve freedom now instead of twenty-five years from now.

Grow Your Policy Inorganically

The way that the policies are structured allows the death benefit to continue growing, the cash value increases, and the dividends generate income that grows tax-free; even if you take loans out, the death benefits will appreciate, and the payments into the policy are leveled. The cost of capital is usually around 5%, which is balanced by the cash flow from the investment, and everything else is cycled back into your policy. There is money coming into the policy, the policy is being leveraged through its cash value, a loan backed by the cash value is taken out, it is put back into the business, and the profits are used to pay down the policy loan.

Strategies like infinite banking can help you achieve freedom now instead of waiting years to get there, but you must map out your week to execute your plan consistently. Laubscher has modeled these tactics after people who have been extremely successful with them, and through mastermind, coaching, and proper financial strategy, you can get to where you want to be without waiting.

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