The Journey of Shared Practices

As the founder of the Shared Practices Podcast, now the #1 rated podcast in dentistry, Dr. Richard Low has become the foremost expert in finding, valuing, and acquiring successful dental practices. He also served in the military, and he operates two successful practices on top of everything else. Dr. Low got into the podcast production during his senior year of dental school. After getting to know some of the top players in the dental podcasting space, he was encouraged to start his own show. He puts content organization at the top of the list. He set himself apart by designing a season-by-season show that dives deep into a variety of topics and aligns them with the journey of a young dentist.

Content Organization

Dr. Low seeks to answer big questions for his listeners based on his own personal journey and the struggles he faced. Season One focused on the big question, “is practice ownership right for me?” Season Two took a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of practice acquisition and valuation. Season Three provided a blueprint for dental startups. Season Four hones in on case acceptance in dental practices. Dr. Low is currently on his fifth season and the show has made a massive impact on dentists across the country. It has encouraged dentists to acquire practices and helped them solve all types of problems. But moving forward, Dr. Low is not just focused on inexperienced dentists—he is creating content that anyone can benefit from.

Growing With His Audience

When the show started, Dr. Low and his two partners were not practice owners, but that has since changed. Throughout their journey, their perspectives have changed as well. It is now shaping the content in a new way because they are in the same boat as many of their experienced listeners. Dr. Low and his team have brought on a group of interns to produce the pre-owner content, and they have switched to a three-episode-per-week format. The show is bringing so much value to the table for dentists in a wide range of career positions. As Dr. Low continues to grow through his own journey, the transformation of his content and audience is reflected by it as well.

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