Time-Saving Strategies for Success

Time, even more than money, is your most valuable resource. Whereas you can always make more money, you can’t make more time. So what is the best way to maximize your use of this precious commodity?

Meet Mark Podolsky, The Land Geek. Mark is a real estate investor who specializes in buying and selling raw, undeveloped land parcels all across the country. He has been actively investing in real estate and raw land since 2001, and has completed over 5,200 unique transactions. Mark is the host of The Art of Passive Income Podcast and the author of Dirt Rich: How One Ambitiously Lazy Geek Created Passive Income in Real Estate Without Renters, Renovations, and Rehabs and The Land Geek Passive Income System: No More R’s- How to Create a Passive Income in Real Estate Without Renters, Renovations or Rodents.

Mark has mastered the art of making the most of his time, and on this episode of the Progressive Dentist podcast, he shares some of his favorite strategies for delegating, automating or eliminating time sinks throughout his day. They may only be a few seconds or minutes here or there, but reclaiming those moments can truly make a big difference. You might be surprised to find all the ways you’re spending your time unnecessarily, so I hope you get great value from my conversation with Mark Podolsky.

Lost Moments Adding Up

Mark believes in automating tasks to minimize the amount of effort he has to expend to get things done. As he said during our discussion, if he can save three seconds of unnecessarily wasted time a day, those three seconds add up to hours over the long term. As Mark explained, he can always make more money but he can’t make more time, so he is very careful about how he spends his time.

One of the tools Mark uses is a service called Zapier. Zapier allows him to automate tasks through web-based applications, so he can do things like turn the task of emailing a recurring document like a bank statement into a hands-off background process. Mark also attempts to delegate tasks if he can’t automate them, and he tries to eliminate unnecessary time sinks throughout his day as much as possible. Since all of us can use more time in our day, Mark’s time-saving strategies are a useful piece of advice that you can hopefully integrate into your own hectic workday.

The Importance of Self-Care

Another valuable tip Mark shared during our conversation is the importance of self-care. As he said, you have to put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others. In other words, it’s important to take steps to take care of your mental and physical well-being if you want to be truly successful in your career and life. That means developing key daily habits like eating properly, minimizing stress, getting exercise, and taking time out to meditate.

For someone like Mark, wasting time is not an option. It can be easy to dismiss self-care habits as time-wasters, but the truth is that they can help you become more productive, a more effective business owner, and more energized to pursue your success. The key is to find what healthy self-care habits work best for you and then stick with them. Lowering your stress in particular is critical to tackling each day in the most effective way possible.

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