Running a Fractional Marketing Agency, with Lindsey Huettner

This week on the Progressive Agency podcast, I welcome Lindsey Huettner to the show. After starting and selling multiple businesses, she decided to start the marketing agency that she needed as a young entrepreneur. Lindsey shares her pricing structure and … Read more

Marketing for Dental Offices, with Chris Pistorius

Marketing for dental offices offers unique challenges, but expert Chris Pistorius has mastered the art. Hear insights about:

  • How Chris dipped his toe in advertising by selling ads for his college newspaper, and why he struck out on his own
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Marketing for Agencies, with Matt Plapp

Marketing for agencies? If you want to stand out, don’t be afraid of big, bold, innovative ideas. Hear insights about:

  • How watching his father work as a professional sales trainer provided a sales background that has served Matt across
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Viral Online Marketing, with Benton Crane

Viral online marketing seeks to entertain its audience and be easily shareable. Expert Benton Crane explains how viral online marketing works. Hear insights about:

  • Why Benton describes himself as “three careers” deep into his journey, and how his career path
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Running a Digital Marketing Agency with a Growth Mindset, with Jon Tsourakis

Jon Tsourakis shares tips for running a digital marketing agency in the post-pandemic landscape. Hear insights about:

  • Jon’s journey into marketing and entrepreneurship
  • The different products and services that make Oyova unique
  • Jon’s perspective on running a digital marketing agency
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Turning Intellectual Capital into Revenue, with Sharon Toerek

Sharon Toerek, Principal of Toerek Law, focuses her law practice on helping professionals in the advertising, marketing, and creative industries monetize their intellectual capital and manage the legal risks of their work. She joins me on the Progressive Agency podcast … Read more

Reframing the Narrative Around Making New Hires, with Dan Englander

I’m honored to have Dan Englander with me this week on the Progressive Agency podcast. Dan is the CEO and Founder of Sales Schema and host of The Digital Agency Growth Podcast. He joins me to share the details of … Read more

How to Avoid Common Financial Mistakes, with Jane Pfeiffer

This week on the Progressive Agency podcast, I welcome Jane Pfeiffer to the show. She helps amplify nonprofit organizations and the impact that they make through meaningful marketing solutions. During our conversation, Jane shares how to avoid common financial downfalls … Read more

Podcasting to Grow Your Agency, with Tom Schwab

This week on the Progressive Agency podcast, I welcome Tom Schwab to the show. He helps thought leaders (coaches, authors, speakers, consultants, and emerging brands) get featured on leading podcasts their ideal prospects are already listening to. During our conversation, … Read more

Building an Agency as a Creative Entrepreneur, with Taja Dockendorf

This week on the Progressive Agency podcast, I welcome Taja Dockendorf to the show. She’s built her agency, Pulp and Wire, into one of the fastest-growing, 100% woman-owned consumer packaging firms. Taja shares how to start and grow an agency … Read more