Changing the Landscape of Dentistry

Dr. Aaron Nicholas is a practicing dentist and international speaker with over thirty years of experience. As the founder of Monday Morning Dentistry, Smile Protection Plan, the Dental Assistant School of Maryland, and Nicholas Dental Care, Dr. Nicholas is a veteran dentalpreneur who is making a massive impact on the dental community. He has authored numerous videos and participated in the Dominican Republic Dental Mission Trip over twenty times on top of practicing and coaching regularly. And the work he is doing in every aspect of the industry is changing the landscape of dentistry as we know it.

Monday Morning Dentistry

Now more than ever before, continuing education is a fundamental part of dentistry. And that is why Dr. Nicholas founded Monday Morning Dentistry. Dentists don’t learn everything they need to know in dental school. But continuing education offers them a way to expand their practice’s offerings while learning to run their practice like a business. Since continuing education is highly accessible now, it is difficult to choose a program that will truly give you the greatest ROI. That is why Monday Morning Dentistry effectively teaches doctors whatever they want to know so they can bring the knowledge into their practice the following week and implement, institute, and move forward.

The Smile Protection Plan and the Dental Assistant School of Maryland

The Smile Protection Plan is another system Dr. Nicholas pioneered to make a positive impact on the community. It is essentially an in-house payment program for people who don’t have dental insurance. It grants them accessibility to dental services and specialists within Dr. Nicholas’ network without having to qualify for an insurance policy. 

Dr. Nicholas also created the Dental Assistant School of Maryland to solve a problem that all dentists face—training an assistant to be THEIR assistant. The role of a dental assistant varies greatly from doctor to doctor, and Dr. Nicholas believes in delegating everything you possibly can to your assistant so you can free up time for revenue-generating activities. If an assistant is legally allowed to do something, they should do it. And the Dental Assistant School of Maryland arms them with every tool they need to be versatile and skilled in any office. To learn more about the work Dr. Nicholas is doing, listen to his episode, “Changing the Landscape of Dentistry, with Dr. Aaron Nicholas.”

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