Get Your Books in Order for 2020

To kickoff 2020 the right way, we are going to start with a quick discussion about keeping your books up-to-date. Accurate, up-to-date books provide us with a lot of information about our business. 

  1. They enable us to look at our collections and determine how we can grow that number.
  2. We can measure our expenses and figure out where we can increase spending and where we should cut back.
  3. It provides us with an accurate reading of our net profit so we can figure out how to keep more of what we make.
  4. It allows us to form a better analysis so we can grow faster and make better decisions.
  5. We can do more effective long term tax planning.

Keeping good books plays a significant role in your ability to make decisions as a business owner and lower your tax liability. There’s no time like today to start working towards that. And if you can’t do it yourself, have a trusted member of your team take the reins, or outsource it to a local professional. Please visit me at for more informative, money-saving podcast episodes like this one.

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