Get the Most Out of Your Team

Dr. Gina Dorfman the founder of Dentistry for Kids and Adults. She has several GP associates who are full-time and a couple of specialists as well. The idea behind Dr. Dorfman’s practice is to provide convenience to patients by offering almost any services they might need under one roof. They make referrals if necessary, but for the most part, Dr. Dorfman’s practice is a one-stop-shop. Dentistry for Kids and Adults is approaching its eighteenth anniversary and Dr. Dorfman’s journey with this practice has been nothing short of incredible.

Your Team is Your Greatest Asset

Dr. W. Edwards Deming stated that “The fact is that the system that people work in and the interaction with people may account for 90 or 95 percent of performance.” One of the lessons Dr. Dorfman has learned through eighteen years in business is that her people are her greatest asset. She provides them with systems and processes that enable them to excel because they are the lifeblood of her practice. Dr. Dorfman’s team is her greatest investment and she said there are people on it for whom she would retire if they decided to walk out.

Invest in Your People

If your team is your greatest asset, you need to think about how much time and energy you are putting into shaping it to fit your vision. We spend a lot of time planning for taxes and researching new equipment, but it is not proportionate to the amount of time we spend training our teams to operate at the highest level. Your marketing spend is not being maximized if the first point of contact your prospect reaches cannot answer key questions or lead them through your sales funnel. And while putting the right processes in place will help, hands-on training will take your whole team to new heights. As always, please visit me at for more informative podcast episodes with other remarkable business leaders.

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