Get the Most out of Your Website

Jeff Gladnick is the founder of Great Dental Websites, a specialized software company that currently serves over 850 dental practices in seven countries. He came from a family of eight dentists, but dentistry was not his true calling. Instead, Jeff went into software engineering with the intent of forging his own path. These two parts of his life would eventually overlap, and Jeff set up a website management platform to help his father and the rest of his relatives take their practices to a new level in the digital space. Great Dental Websites is now helping dentists all over the world do the same. In this episode of the Progressive Dentist podcast, Jeff joins us to share his entrepreneurial journey and explain what dentists can do to better navigate the ever-changing digital landscape.

Take Control of Your Content

Websites are often at the top of the funnel for most dental practices, so it is critical that you approach your website strategically. There are key steps dentists can take to see drastic results, and the first is creating original content. Whether it takes the form of testimonials or procedure walkthroughs, taking the reins of your content strategy will lead to a much higher conversion rate for any campaign you’re running. It is an opportunity for your patients to get to know you, see what your practice is all about, and understand what makes you different.

Lower Your Bounce Rate

The more time potential customers spend on your website, the more susceptible they are to conversion. If they visit your site for a brief period of time, then closeout and return to the search results, that is considered a “bounce.” The higher your bounce rate, the lower your conversion will be, and that is why content plays such an important role. Original video and/or written content engages your prospects and gives them a reason to buy into your brand. You can tailor your content to a specific need, with a clear call to action, and content that supports the experience your practice provides. All of these things come together to form a powerful marketing strategy that drives results with customers that are the right fit for your practice.

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