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It’s all about keeping more of what you make, and you want to find that person that’s going to help you legally keep more of what you make.

Exactly. I love it. When we talk about communication and how often we should communicate, we know that we have that one time meeting a month, but … It’s funny. I’ll relay a story to you. I was at High Point Market this past spring and I was hanging around with Sara Lynn Brennan a lot. Hi, Sara. Sara mentioned to me … She’s only in business maybe nine or 10 months at this point, and she mentioned to me that part of what she has with her accountant.

Monthly Calls

She said, “Well, for example, my accountant, he has included in my package with him,” the monthly fee that she pays, unlimited text. She says, like she doesn’t have burning questions for an accountant every day. It’s not like you have to worry about like 9,000 communications.

But she said, “Being brand new in business, for example, I could come home at the end of the day. There could be a piece of mail for me from the state regarding some sort of sales tax, and only being in business under a year, sometimes, I look at that and have no idea what to do with that, but meanwhile, I might not have a meeting scheduled for another three or four weeks.” She said, “And that makes me nervous to sit and think that I’ve got to wait four weeks to remember to ask about this.”

She said, “So, what I do is I take a picture of it, I text it to him, and within 24 hours, he either texts back and says, “Just sign it and mail it back or bring that to the meeting next month.” You know what I mean? How do you feel about something like that? How do you, when somebody’s new and they have a lot of questions, is it okay to wait for the monthly meeting? Do you have services like that that address that newer business owner that needs a little more handholding?


No. Basically, we treat all our clients pretty much the same. If they have a question, they’ll call. They’ll email. Some of them will text. Somebody will respond to them, because they are all interested in Keeping more of what you make!

That’s it. Okay.

The whole idea is you shouldn’t be worried about not being … It’s about communication. It’s about communication. We’ve never had the experience where somebody has bogged us down to the point where we needed to say something.

Right, where it’s like, “Okay. We have to have a little talk here.”

Think about it. That interior designer, he’s not making or she’s not making money when she’s talking to me, so we’re going to figure out what needs to be done, what it is, and they’re going to go on and make their money, and we’ll deal with the problem.

Your Business Model

Yeah. Well, I think, you know what, I hear it in you that it’s in your business model and that it seems normal to you, but I don’t think that most of us think that it’s okay to just call the accountant or call the, whatever with a little question.

It’s not. Most models are not like this, okay? I can remember leaving a message for an attorney once and seeing on the bill for like, I think it was 12 minute minimum of listening to a voicemail.

Oh, my God. That’s crazy, right? Think about it.


Think about that. I mean, everybody’s entitled to make a living, and if you sign the agreement, that’s the way it was, but that’s insanity.

Exactly. I want people to feel free to communicate, and the more they communicate, the more we communicate, the more money we can save them. Is is all about keeping more of what you make!


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