Success as a Practice-Owning Dentist

Owning your own dental practice can be incredibly fulfilling, but it can also bring many new challenges and headaches you weren’t taught about in dental school. Starting or buying your own practice is like a sudden crash-course in business management and leadership… and unfortunately, this is a course you can’t afford to fail.

Dr. Benjamin Kacos of Shreveport, Louisiana knows how this feels. Ben has owned his own practice for six years, and in that time he discovered the importance of business management, being an effective leader, networking and other valuable and necessary skills. As a highly successful dentist and practice owner, Ben offers a great perspective on these key skills and strategies for developing them. That’s why I invited Ben to join me for an episode of the Progressive Dentist Podcast.

During our conversation, Ben discussed the unique Explore Education program he offers to other dentists, pairing continued education opportunities with exciting vacation destinations like hunting and fishing lodges. He shared why he believes that developing leadership skills, ongoing personal development, and understanding the practice’s financials are the critical skills that dental school leaves out. And he talked about the importance of his morning routine and how it sets him up for success each day. I hope you’ll find the insights Ben is able to share as a successful practice-owning dentist to be informative and helpful!

What They Don’t Teach In Dental School

One of the key points Ben brought to the conversation was that, while dental school teaches you what you need to know to become a dentist, it doesn’t teach you the skills you need to become a successful business owner. Skills like effective leadership, the ability to make difficult staffing decisions, and managing the financial side of a practice are just as necessary as the medical knowledge you’re taught.

Ben repeatedly stressed the importance of knowing and understanding your practice’s numbers. An accountant can help you make sense of it all, but by understanding what’s going on behind the scenes of your practice you can make better, more informed decisions about the direction you want to take the business, what is and is not working, and where your money is being most effectively spent.

The Importance of Good Morning Habits

Ben attributed much of his success as a practice owner to following a very strict morning routine. Each morning, he’s up by 5 am and at the gym by 5:30 am, and he has an accountability partner to ensure he follows through. He does morning meditations and mindfulness exercises as well. All of this helps him get into the right mindset and get charged up for the day ahead so that by the time he’s at his office he’s fully awake, energized, and ready for a successful day.

A proper morning routine and the discipline to follow it each day are valuable skills for any business owner, but especially for dentists who have to see patients and run a business over the course of their day. Ben’s practice is thriving, in large part due to his commitment to his own success and his dedication to his morning routine. During our conversation, he discussed the importance of having the right mindset, and he himself serves as a great example of how mindset is a crucial component to success.

Dr. Ben Kacos runs his practice the same way he lives his life; with deliberation, intent, optimism, and a drive to succeed. I hope you enjoy our conversation. If you’d like to learn more about Ben, you can visit his website at // And, as always, I encourage you to visit for more informative podcast episodes with other remarkable guests who can help you make and keep more of your money.

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