The Tax Planning System that Will Save You Money

This interview is Craig’s appearance on System Execution, a podcast focused on the strategy and systems behind today’s successful companies…with a twist…You don’t just get to see where someone is once and then never hear about them again. Instead, System Execution dives deep into the systems and processes businesses are using and developing today. Then, they check back with them over the year to see how things have changed and what they have learned. Host Vera Fischer seeks out business leaders to share their tried and true systems and uncovers a variety of systems and processes, both simple and complex, to use in your organization.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How and why Craig went from NYC Police Officer to CPA and Certified Tax Coach
  • The tax planning system that helps Craig save his clients significant amounts of money
  • The proactivity at the foundation of Craig’s system (and what makes this so different from other tax systems)
  • Why Craig doesn’t just work with his clients during “tax season”
  • Why neither an account nor computer can do Craig’s system
  • Craig’s book “Secrets of a Tax-Free Life”
  • Things to look out for on your own taxes (like choosing the wrong entity)
  • How you can work with Craig from anywhere in the US

How best to connect with Craig:

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