The Ideal Patient

As a Best-Selling author, global speaker, marketing strategist, and a dental hygienist, Minal Sampat is the marketing authority in the dental industry. She is a brilliant marketer in this field because she has worked in the trenches of dental practices to gain a better understanding of the clinical aspect of dentistry. For over a decade Minal has helped dental practices find success through connection and engagement strategies, and in the latest episode of the progressive dentist podcast, she shares her story and teaches us how to navigate some of dentistry’s most difficult marketing challenges.

It’s Not Just About High-Value

Regardless of your practice’s specialization, one of the most difficult marketing challenges dental practitioners face is targeting. If you don’t know what type of patient you’re trying to bring through the doors, how can you develop a communication strategy that resonates with them? There are an overwhelming number of ways to spend your marketing budget, but if you’re not talking to the right person, you’re not going to see a return. This is generally the starting point for the conversations between Minal and her clients, and she breaks down the process into three main parts.

Three Ways to Build a Patient Avatar

When you are building an avatar for your ideal patient, it can’t just be about dollar-value. You need to attract the right patient for your practice and craft a marketing strategy. Step one is to look at your existing patient base and ask yourself who you love working with; use that as the framework for your avatar. The second option is to build a new type of avatar from scratch based on what types of values you want to bring into your practice. The third way to build a patient avatar is not to focus on one specific type of person, but to focus on the community as a whole. You are integrating the community into your brand and becoming the go-to practice in your area. To learn how these avatars can be used to build a marketing strategy, listen to the latest episode of the Progressive Dentist podcast.

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