The Tooth Cop

Duane Tinker is the founder and CEO of Dental Compliance Specialists, a company that helps dentists and SDOs establish and maintain their compliance and risk management programs. His background in law enforcement made for a seamless transition to state board investigator and eventually consultant, where he got to combine his passions for both law enforcement and dentistry. Duane recognized the lack of resources available to dental professionals who are unknowingly making mistakes that could bring scrutiny from government agencies. Now, he has taken the matter into his own hands, making dental offices safer for patients, dentists, and their staff.

Dental Compliance Specialists

There are compliance specialists in all sectors of healthcare, but Duane has limited his scope to dentistry alone. He understands the unique risks and regulations dental practice owners face, and his expertise is helping dentists make decisions that will best protect their practices. There are many different types of engagements Duane helps his clients navigate such as patient treatment, internal employee issues, medication management, and plenty of others. Many practice owners might be comfortable handling these issues on their own, but missteps can be extremely costly. Seeking out a specialist is often the best solution.

Are You Auditing Your Records?

Dental Compliance Specialists also offers record auditing for their clients, where Duane and his team examine a practice’s clinical documentation against its billing records. It provides dentists with valuable information about their practice that they otherwise might not have discovered. And because record auditing is tedious and difficult, many dentists fail to perform them frequently or they don’t do it at all. Duane’s process ensures that all the records are aligned so that dentists can make better decisions for their practices. As always, please visit me at for more informative podcast episodes with other remarkable business leaders.

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