Mark is a real estate investor who specializes in buying and selling raw, undeveloped land parcels all across the country. He has been actively investing in real estate and raw land since 2001 and has completed over 5,200 unique transactions. Mark is the host of The Art of Passive Income Podcast and a highly renowned author. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to our last conversation, check out Episode #6 where he shares strategies for delegating, automating or eliminating time sinks throughout his day. In this episode of the Progressive Dentist, Mark is back to talk about creating streams of passive income through buying and selling parcels of land.

Work Because You Want to, Not Because You Have to

Mark only works about an hour a week in the land investing business, and it all starts with a one-time sale. After that, you generate passive income every single month without having to deal with renters, renovations, rehabs, or pests. Mark’s game is to create enough of these land notes that they exceed his fixed expenses. As a result, Mark is working because he wants to, not because he has to. You also make recurring income on people who get into payment plans, fall off, and then you get to sell them again. It is a surefire way to accumulate recurring revenue, even as the market stability fluctuates.

White Hot Market

With the chaos of the pandemic plateauing, the land business is actually hotter now than it was in 2005 and 2006. Last month, The Land Geek did over a half-million dollars in sales and they are selling out of everything like crazy. These are not crazy expensive pieces of land, but the margins are huge and the terms are easy. A lot of the deals are $5,000 or less, which eliminates a lot of hassle when it comes to dealing with title companies and other parties. This is the perfect way to keep a steady revenue stream whether your practice doors are open or not.
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