Using R&D Credits in Your Tax Strategy

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How Businesses Waste Money on Marketing

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Blog Achieve Financial Flexibility Now

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Tax Planning for Deadline Extensions in 2020

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Buying and Selling Land Parcels

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Fee Negotiations in Dentistry

Ben Tuinei began his dental career in 2007, working for a 10 location group practice in Phoenix, Arizona, where he managed all insurance-related functions. He built a notable reputation for negotiating with third-party payers throughout his career to boost annual … Read more

The TCJA of 2017

Dr. Faizan Arshad is a medical doctor and the EMS Medical Director for Vassar Brothers Medical Center, part of NuVance Health. Between you and me, Dr. Arshad is a closet CPA—he is a client of mine with a deep affinity … Read more

A Foundation for Growth

Dr. Jordan Cooper has been an extremely busy man since graduating from the Tennessee College of Dentistry in 2006. He has successfully built and sold seven dental practices, and now he is dedicated to giving back to the dental community. … Read more

How to Famine-Proof Your Dental Practice

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Navigating the Challenges of Reopening

Duane Tinker is a compliance consultant who helps dentists and SDOs establish and maintain their compliance and risk management programs. He originally joined us for Episode #41 to explain how dental compliance consulting makes dental offices safer for patients, dentists, … Read more