Using Psychology in Dentistry

Dr. Jessica Martin joined us back in November of 2019 for Episode #28 of the Progressive Dentist podcast. Dr. Martin is the founder of Martin Management and co-owner of Martin Dental, a dental practice in Eau Claire, Wisconsin that uses … Read more

The Paycheck Protection Program and Forgiveness Calculations

The treasury and the SBA have left a lot of questions about the CARES Act unanswered. What expenditures will be covered by the PPP and how do we calculate the amount that will be forgiven? For starters, we need to … Read more

Build a Practice That Fits Your Strengths

Dr. Stephanie Mapp has been practicing dentistry for over twenty-five years. Throughout her career, she explored every facet of the industry and refused to restrict herself to just one type of practice. She developed a wide range of experience including … Read more

One Cohesive Leadership Unit

Sue Hawkes is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, Certified EOS Implementer, Certified Business Coach, WPO Chapter Chair, award-winning, and globally recognized seminar leader, and entrepreneur. As the CEO and founder of YESS (Your Extraordinary Success Strategies), Sue understands the eccentric, … Read more

Working with a Personal Assistant

In the height of the COVID-19 crisis, many dental practices are being forced to pivot. Dentists must learn to navigate unchartered territory as the dental landscape transforms. From the finances to the business model itself, there is a lot to … Read more

Get the Most Out of Your Team

Dr. Gina Dorfman the founder of Dentistry for Kids and Adults. She has several GP associates who are full-time and a couple of specialists as well. The idea behind Dr. Dorfman’s practice is to provide convenience to patients by offering … Read more

The Ideal Patient

As a Best-Selling author, global speaker, marketing strategist, and a dental hygienist, Minal Sampat is the marketing authority in the dental industry. She is a brilliant marketer in this field because she has worked in the trenches of dental practices … Read more


The CARES Act or the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act was signed by President Trump last Thursday, March 27, 2020. It is the third piece of legislation designed to help Americans navigate the difficult challenges posed by the … Read more

The Permanently Profitable Dental Practice

Mike Michalowicz is a highly renowned author and a serial entrepreneur who has already founded, grown, and sold two companies. Now, Mike is onto his third multi-million dollar venture, Profit First Professionals, an exclusive community of accountants, bookkeepers and business … Read more

Dental Intelligence Software

Curtis Marshall is the director of partners and channels for Dental Intelligence, the world’s #1 software for tracking, analyzing & growing your dental practice. The Dental Intelligence software enables dentists to analyze their dental practice and automate key processes so … Read more