Green Dentistry, with Dr. Nammy Patel

Episode 64:

Dr. Nammy Patel, DDS ( operates a practice called Green Dentistry in San Francisco and is the author of Age With Style: Your Guide To A Youthful Smile & Healthy Living. A graduate of the University of California’s School of Dentistry, she is a leader in the movement to bring environmental sanity and well-being into the dental world. Dr. Patel focuses on helping patients recognize the vital connection between dental health and whole-body health.

What You Will Learn:

  • How Dr. Patel defines “green dentistry” and how she built her practice around it
  • What challenges Dr. Patel first faced when making the shift to green dentistry
  • What major changes Dr. Patel has made to her practice during the transition
  • Why building and growing her own practice was stressful for Dr. Patel early on
  • How Dr. Patel blazed trails in green dentistry, and what lessons she learned
  • What key time-saving tips Dr. Patel uses every day

How to contact Dr. Nammy Patel:

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