Creating Transformative Content for Dentists, with Dr. Richard Low

Episode 57:

Richard Low, DMD is the founder of the Shared Practices Podcast, now the #1 rated podcast in dentistry. Shared Practices gives young dentists a season by season road map to how to find, value, and acquire a successful dental practice. Additionally, their Friday episodes are live, anonymous coaching calls with current practice owners who have given them access to all their practice metrics via Practice by Numbers. Join them on their shared journey to successful practice ownership.

What You Will Learn:

  • Dr. Low’s journey in dentistry
  • How Dr. Low got into the podcasting space
  • Why content design and organization is such a high priority for Dr. Low
  • How Dr. Low built the top-rated podcast in dentistry right out of dental school
  • How to determine if practice ownership is right for you
  • The major topics Dr. Low has covered in the first four seasons of Shared Practices
  • Why Dr. Low is now creating content for a broader range of experienced dentists
  • What practice ownership has been like for Dr. Low

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