The Tooth Cop on Dental Compliance, with Duane Tinker

Episode 41:

Duane Tinker is a compliance consultant who helps dentists and SDOs establish and maintain their compliance and risk management programs. Mr.Tinker has inspected hundreds of dental offices, audited thousands of dental records and provided training for thousands of dental professionals. Mr. Tinker is a Subject Matter Expert sought by attorneys who represent dentists in administrative, civil and criminal actions. A former state board investigator turned consultant Mr. Tinker applies his knowledge and experience to help make dental offices safer for patients, dentists, and their staff. Mr.Tinker hosts a podcast called Talking with the Toothcop. You can find it on your favorite podcast app.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why Duane founded Dental Compliance Specialists
  • How DCS helps dental practices and their patients
  • The different types of engagements in which dentists will benefit from consulting
  • Why dental practices should consider third party record auditing
  • How dental compliance consulting makes dental offices safer for patients, dentists, and their staff.

How to contact Duane Tinker

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