Expand Your Wealth Through Real Estate Investing, with Eng Taing

Episode 78:

Eng is CEO & Founder of Touzi Capital (www.touzicapital.com), an investment company focusing on high cash flow assets in Kansas City. He’s the classic immigrant story, born in a refugee camp in Thailand escaping the Khmer Rouge and finding success in data & math in America. A Wharton graduate & economist, former Peace Corps Volunteer, & ex-Apple Data Scientist turned real estate investor with a $65M portfolio finding financial freedom at age 35. Eng also is an advocate for real estate investing tied with tax minimization strategies to build passive cash flow towards financial freedom. To that end, he’s also launching an education platform www.financialfreedomdecoded.com where invited members will get a step by step tutorial on how he found financial freedom and build wealth.

What You Will Learn:

  • Eng’s journey into entrepreneurship and investing
  • Why Eng came out of retirement to start investing
  • The advantages W-2 employees have in real estate investing
  • How to leverage tax strategy to get the most out of your real estate investments
  • Why Eng prefers to co-invest in high cash flow assets for his portfolio
  • Understanding recessions in the real estate market
  • What factors you should be looking at when investing in residential real estate

How to contact Eng Taing:

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