Marketing Strategy for Dental Practices, with Genevieve Poppe

Episode 43:

Ms. Poppe has held many positions in the dental industry over the last 20+ years. Her expertise is proven by years of success in all aspects of practice operations. In addition to many years of clinical experience and practice management experience, Ms. Poppe has architected and facilitated numerous practice acquisitions, transitions, and relocations since she co-founded Stepping Stone Dental Partners in 2009.

Her valuable experience as an owner and manager of a seven-practice affiliate group refined her process and approach to practice growth and management. Her ability to develop strong dental teams with excellent patient connection and communication skills keep her in high demand in the dental industry. In addition to her transition experience, she has a thorough knowledge of dental insurance, dental procedures, equipment, industry trends and best practice standards for patient service and care.

Ms. Poppe has a unique understanding of what it takes to help dentists achieve their practice vision. She is committed to listening to, understanding, and finding solutions for her clients. She delivers a passion and level of communication that truly set her apart. From practice start-up to practice transition, she has the skills and knowledge to implement systems for practice and team success.

What You Will Learn:

  • Ms. Poppe’s journey into dentistry and practice management
  • How Ms. Poppe helps dentists realize their visions and build their empires
  • Why dentists need to change their approach to inbound marketing
  • How to track the results of your marketing spend
  • How to prepare your team for converting inbound leads

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