The Psychology of Dentistry, with Jessica Martin

Episode 55:

Jessica Martin, the owner of Martin Management and co-owner of Martin Dental, a thriving dental office in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, loves sharing ways to help dental offices decrease patient anxiety and make the dental experience positive for every patient. She uses her background in psychology to get to the real reasons why patients feel anxious or fear at the dentist and has created tools for dental offices to remove some of the most common barriers to dental care. Jessica has traveled around the country to teach teams how to do the patient experience better and has been featured on the Dentalpreneur Podcast, WEAU 13 News, has been on the Dental Marketing Guy YouTube show, and was a speaker at the Vivid Progression dental conference in the Bahamas.

What You Will Learn:

  • How Jessica applies her psychology background to dentistry
  • Why dental anxiety is going to be significantly higher when we start practicing again
  • What you can do to alleviate the anxiety associated with post-pandemic paranoia
  • How to communicate with patients about how you are ensuring their safety
  • How your team can benefit from learning to read nonverbal cues
  • What teams can do during the downtime to run more effectively in the future
  • How to approach leadership training

How to contact Jessica Martin:

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