The Value of Dental Membership Programs, with Jordon Comstock

Episode 8:

The Value of Dental Membership Programs, with Jordon Comstock

Jordon Comstock is the Founder and CEO of BoomCloud, a software platform that helps dental practices create, organize, automate and manage in-house membership programs to help reduce their dependence on dental insurance. The BoomCloud software allows dental practices to create unlimited plans, payments, and reporting so that the office team can understand how the membership program is functioning and how effective it is proving. Jordan is also the co-host of the Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast, helping dental practices better understand and navigate insurance. Jordan has operated in the world of dentistry for more than fifteen years, having managed a dental laboratory in Salt Lake City for almost a decade.

What You Will Learn:

  • Jordon shares how he got started in dentistry, working in his father’s office at age 16, and he outlines how his career progressed into marketing and web design before returning to the dentistry field.
  • Jordon explains how he got the idea for BoomCloud, to help automate the task of membership programs for dental offices. He explains the best practices for setting up a membership program at your dental practice.
  • Jordon outlines the primary benefits practices can get from creating a membership program, including generating a recurring monthly cash flow stream and helping to build a loyal patient base.
  • Jordon explains the importance of setting the right pricing model and adding the right benefits to make the program profitable to the practice as well as attractive to the patients.
  • Jordon shares how a platform like BoomCloud helps dental practices scale their membership programs, and he explains why he believes strongly in the implementation of systems to help you scale any aspect of your business.

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