From Practitioner to Business Leader, with Dr. Mark Costes

Episode 14:

Dr. Mark Costes is far from a typical dentist and dental coach. During his career, he has been able to start or acquire over a dozen successful dental practices during some of the profession’s most challenging times. Dr. Costes’s journey has not come without its setbacks. In fact, he credits much of his success to the fact that he made more mistakes in his first year of private practice ownership than most dentists make in an entire career.

What separated him from the masses, however, was the fact that he viewed each failure and roadblock as a learning experience and an opportunity to improve his business and life. This philosophy, as well as his decision to model the world’s most successful business owners, has led him to where he is today.

Dr. Costes is the founder of the Dental Success Institute, a company committed to helping dentists achieve their full potential while recapturing their passion for dentistry. He is also the founder of the Horizon Schools of Dental Assisting which has experienced explosive growth and has expanded to over one hundred and eighty locations throughout the United States. He is the co-founder and CEO of the Dental Success Network. Dr. Costes is the International and #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of the book Pillars of Dental Success. His podcast, The Dentalpreneur Podcast now has listenership from over 130 countries worldwide. Mark is the proud Father and Husband to Leslie and their three sons; Bryce, Brendan, & Brady. They live in Prescott, AZ.

What You Will Learn:

  • Important factors that helped Mark Costes build successful businesses in dentistry and consulting
  • How Costes used his challenges and mistakes to propel his businesses forward
  • The importance of mentorship and guidance when you start down a new path
  • How Dr. Costes entered the influencer space and became a speaker
  • Dr. Costes’ journey into consulting and dental performance coaching
  • The phase and belt system that Dr. Costes uses to evaluate his clients’ practice performance and recruit coaches
  • Time-saving tips that will increase your efficiency
  • Critical clinical skills that professionals should focus on

How to contact Mark Costes:

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