Making HubSpot Work For You

For entrepreneurs and new business owners operating on a shoestring budget, the idea of investing in expensive software can seem out of reach. However, as business owner and HubSpot expert George B. Thomas describes, you can actually get started on HubSpot for little to no upfront cost, and scale your integrations as your business grows.

Getting Started with HubSpot for Free

HubSpot’s free tools are surprisingly powerful and perfect for businesses on a budget. You can sign up for the free versions of their Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and CMS Hub, giving you access to foundational tools like:

  • Marketing, sales, and service tools
  • CRM and operations tools
  • Commerce tools

…all for free.

While the free tier is limited in certain areas like data storage, automation capabilities, and support access, it provides more than enough firepower for new businesses to start attracting visitors, generating leads, nurturing prospects, and pleasing customers.

Scaling HubSpot as Your Business Grows

One of HubSpot’s biggest advantages is that it’s designed to scale seamlessly as your business expands. When you’re ready to unlock more advanced tools and higher limits, you can upgrade to their Starter, Professional, or Enterprise tiers for each Hub.

The pricing model is incredibly flexible — you can mix and match different Hub tiers based on your specific needs. For example, you may want to start with the Marketing Hub Starter and Sales Hub Professional to supercharge your lead generation and sales processes.

As your marketing budget grows, you can then level up to access more contacts, increased automation, smart content, A/B testing, paid advertising tools, and more through the Professional and Enterprise Marketing Hubs. The same scalability exists for the other Hubs focused on sales, service, operations, and website management.

No Matter Your Size, HubSpot Fits

One of the core strengths of HubSpot is that it is usable and valuable for businesses of all sizes and maturity levels. In our recent interview, George highlighted how he started by spending only $350 per month on the Starter Hub tiers when he first started out. As he grew and could invest more, he upgraded his Hubs and unlocked powerful new capabilities.

At the same time, HubSpot supports multinational enterprises spending thousands per month, serving as the central platform to enable their entire revenue operations. Despite being at vastly different scales, both businesses are leveraging the fundamentals of HubSpot’s methodology around inbound marketing, sales enablement, and client satisfaction.

Start for Free, Grow with Ease

For cash-strapped startups and new businesses, being able to access HubSpot’s free tools provides an incredible way to hit the ground running with vital marketing, sales, and service capabilities. As your company gains traction and can invest more, HubSpot allows you to seamlessly upgrade and unlock new features to match your ambition.

With HubSpot, you can confidently start for free and know that as your business grows, the tools will scale alongside you. To learn more about the versatility of HubSpot for business owners from HubSpot expert George B. Thomas, check out the rest of our interview on the Progressive Agency Podcast here.


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