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The Progressive Agency podcast is a resource to help agency owners keep more of what they make. As a CPA, I work with many different business types to put tools in place that build wealth outside of their businesses. Agency owners in particular tend to struggle with this. My goal with The Progressive Agency platform is to provide clarity around tax reduction strategies that agency owners can use to achieve financial success in the long-term. Join The Progressive Agency community to learn new ways you can make your agency scaleable or sellable down the line. Click here to learn more about me.

Episode 5: Choosing a Niche is the Key to Growth and Scale, with Nicole Mahoney

Choosing a niche for your agency might seem counterintuitive at first. In this solocast, Nicole Mahoney explains how niching down creates predictable growth. Hear insights about: Nicole’s journey into entrepreneurship in the travel and tourism industry How Nicole chose to pivot her business in response to the pandemic How choosing a niche saved Nicole’s agency […]

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