Tech Best Practices to Run Your Business Safely and Efficiently Part 1, with Brett Harrison

Episode 71:

Brett Harrison started Right Click Computer Solutions in 2011 with the goal of helping small businesses utilize technology to run their businesses efficiently and effectively. Right Click is a cybersecurity-first IT provider that works with businesses to make sure that their networks and data are secured and protected 24/7. Encountering a cyber attack is extremely costly and the last place any business ever wants to find itself in. Additionally, clients get access to technicians that assist with any technical related issues as they arise. Right Click takes pride in helping its clients achieve their goals and believes that implementing the right technology is an integral part of a successful business.

If your agency is using a Google Doc to keep track of shared passwords, it’s time for a security checkup. This week on The Progressive Agency Podcast, we’re talking with Brett Harrison about how agencies can improve their password protection best practices, safely perform backups on their systems, and teach employees how to identify security threats before they become an issue. 

Brett shares practical advice for businesses to become more secure with tactics like multi-factor authentication, cyber awareness, and the best practices for performing regular system backups.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How technology has changed for agencies post-pandemic
  • The best backup system to have in place
  • How often should you run backups?
  • Testing and monitoring backups to ensure functionality
  • How to store and share passwords securely across your company
  • Why employees should always work on company-owned equipment
  • Training and testing employees on cyber awareness to prevent cyber attacks