An Agency Owner’s Guide for Getting Out of Founder-led Sales, with Corey Quinn

Episode 77:

Corey Quinn has over 17 years in the agency space, including as Scorpion’s CMO, where he helped grow revenue from $20M to $150M in 6 years. He just published his bestselling book: “Anyone, Not Everyone: a Proven System for Agencies to Escape Founder-Led Sales.” which has been endorsed by Aaron Ross, April Dunford, Dr. Benjamin Hardy, and many others.

Today, he helps digital agency founders simplify, specialize, and escape founder-led sales with Deep Specialization.

In this episode of The Progressive Agency Podcast, we’re talking with veteran agency growth expert Corey Quinn about the main barriers to stepping out of the agency’s day-to-day operations, particularly founder-led sales.

Corey explains three main obstacles preventing agency founders from stepping away from sales: lack of focus, weak positioning, and inability to generate a consistent pipeline. He emphasizes the power of specialization, urging agencies to choose a vertical market focus and develop strong, industry-specific positioning.

He also shares the marketing strategies that gave him the most success during his tenure at Scorpion and how agency owners can apply those to their businesses.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How to get out of the founder-led sales role
  • 3 things that prevent an agency owner from leaving the sales role
  • The importance of finding a niche
  • Deploying vertical-specific marketing campaigns
  • How to say no to money that’s not coming from a client in your niche
  • The 3 different types of marketing that bring specialized clients to you