Running a successful digital agency pulls owners in countless directions daily. Between client demands, team oversight, business development, financials, and more, leaders often end up focusing on non-strategic tasks that pull us away from what brings us fulfillment as agency owners.

Stephen Woessner, Founder and CEO of Predictive ROI, recently shared an excellent time management framework that helps agency owners focus on the most important things to them in their day-to-day. He now structures his schedule based on what he calls the “Big 3.”

The premise is simple — identify the three business activities that fit two specific criteria:

1. Does it fall into your “area of genius” a.k.a. does it light you up?

2. Does it drive the business forward and help it make money?

Then, you identify 3 things that fall into those two categories. Anything else that doesn’t fall into those two categories should be deprioritized or delegated to others. This methodology ensures he spends most days primarily doing what he loves while pushing the agency to greater success.

Figuring out your personal and professional Big 3 requires true introspective thinking and ruthless prioritization. For Stephen, his looks like:

1. Business development – Landing new clients directly fuels growth, and plays to Stephen’s talents.

2. Building the Agency Owner Ecosystem – gathering more thought leaders, experts, and owners committed to improving the agency owner space for everyone.

3. Making the podcast otherworldly – Sell With Authority is nearing its 100th episode, and he’s committed to finding experts who are interesting to talk to as well as interested in sharing their expertise for the benefit of the community, not just their own wallets.

Now when other things arise that don’t align, Stephen feels empowered to shift them to others who are more suited to those specific tasks, leaving him with more space in his schedule to focus on the Big 3.

Of course, that level of delegation freedom starts with having a reliable team in place who can adopt his non-essential items seamlessly. This enables Steven to focus on responsibilities that offer the highest personal and business value.

To learn more about Stephen’s take on productivity for agency owners and maximizing profitability, tune in to the latest episode of the Progressive Agency podcast.


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