How HubSpot Makes Agency Owners’ Lives Easier, with George B. Thomas

Episode 66:

George is the “Chief HubSpot Helper” owner at George B. Thomas, LLC. George helps companies streamline and grow by using the right HubSpot CRM, marketing, sales, service, operations, and CMS tools. George has more than 30 years of sales & marketing experience and has been using HubSpot since 2012. George is a vault of valuable information, tactics, and strategies with a record-breaking thirty-five plus HubSpot Academy certifications, including Inbound Marketing, Inbound Sales, Contextual Marketing, CMS Implementation, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing.

In this week’s episode, George shares how agency owners can begin integrating and implementing HubSpot tools into their systems and processes to streamline sales and marketing to make their jobs simpler.

From starting out at a small design agency, he fell in love with HubSpot and all it can do to make businesses run smoother at a reasonable price. Now, he teaches business owners how they can easily fill their sales funnels and keep up with clients with just a few clicks.

If you’re curious about HubSpot tools and integrations but feel overwhelmed about where to begin, this episode will give you a good beginner crash course on HubSpot’s capabilities.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • 3 major ways HubSpot helps someone run a business more effectively
  • Getting started on HubSpot for free and scaling up
  • How HubSpot can grow with your business
  • HubSpot tools that help free up your time
  • The power of learning new tools and skills as a business owner
  • Getting 1% better each day with a growth mindset