Top 5 Actions to Keep More Money in Your Pocket, with Craig Cody

Episode 60:

Craig S. Cody is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Tax Coach, bestselling author, and business owner with over 22 years of experience helping agencies keep more of what they make. Craig is also the host of The Progressive Agency Podcast. Prior to his current work, Craig spent seventeen years with the NYPD, where he retired as a Lieutenant in September 2000.

Craig Cody & Company focuses on proactive tax planning, small agency accounting, and tax preparation, but what really excites the team is helping agencies spot mistakes and uncover missed opportunities that cost them thousands in taxes.

In this special episode of The Progressive Agency Podcast, host Craig Cody invites listeners to request a free copy of his book featuring great tips and information on how to save thousands of dollars on taxes.

  • Craig shares the top 5 things you should be doing to keep more money in your pocket.
  • Ways to reach out to Craig with any questions or to set up a strategy session.

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