How Agency Owners Can Benefit From Hiring Remote Workers, with Noel Andrews

Episode 68:

Noel loves connecting people. Professionally, he runs, where he helps businesses hire remote team members from Eastern Europe and South Africa. Personally, he loves doing weird and wonderful things to provoke great conversations.

The hiring market right now is rough. Finding and retaining top talent is more difficult than it has been in years, which leaves agency owners in a tough position. Rather than toughing it out and hoping to find a diamond in the rough, there are other ways we can adapt to still find great workers within our hiring budget.

This week’s guest, Noel Andrews, is giving us a quick overview of how agency owners can benefit from hiring remote workers from around the world. His company specializes in helping businesses transition from using only W2 employees to finding talented contractors who are just as effective as salaried employees, if not more so.

We’ll cover topics from knowing the right time to hire (especially when scaling your business) to navigating the etiquette behind hiring independent contractors in other countries.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The main benefit of hiring global remote workers
  • Hitting the hiring sweet spot in terms of utilization
  • Navigating language and confidence barriers with clients
  • How to handle time differences — how much overlap is required?
  • Adapting PTO to cover varying customs and holidays on your team
  • How hiring remote workers can transform your business
  • Looking to others for help getting started