Why Thought Leadership and Client Loyalty Matter, with Susan Baier

Episode 64:

Susan Baier is the Founder of Audience Audit Inc., which helps marketing agencies and thought leaders build ROI and reputation with research. She has been a marketing strategist for nearly 40 years. In her spare time (ha ha) she goes camping, knits, and enjoys a good bourbon.

In this episode, Susan discussed findings from two recent research studies her firm conducted. The first, called the Agency Edge study, surveyed agency clients to understand their attitudes and preferences when working with agencies. The second, the Agency Audit study, surveyed agency leaders themselves to identify the key challenges and success factors they are experiencing.

From the Agency Audit study, Susan shared that they identified five distinct mindsets or segments among agencies. The two most successful segments were the “Thought Leaders” who prioritize building an authentic thought leadership reputation and focus on a differentiated niche, and the “Loyalty Builders” who have implemented specific programs to drive exceptional client loyalty and retention.

Susan shares advice for agencies aiming to become thought leaders, emphasizing the need for new, genuinely helpful content delivered consistently, focusing that content on a specific audience niche, and utilizing tactics like proprietary research studies to establish expertise. She highlighted the significant business benefits thought leadership can unlock.

Tune in to this week’s episode to learn more about how authenticity and thought leadership for agency owners can be a key component to driving client loyalty and attracting new business with ease.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • More about agency owners and agency clients from the Agency Edge and Agency Audit research studies
  • What the Agency Audit research showed makes successful agencies unbeatable
  • The 5 types of agency mindsets
  • Why thought leaders are thriving in their niches
  • How having a reputation for client loyalty can supersede a niche
  • Thought leadership and niching go hand in hand
  • Thought leadership sells itself to clients
  • Where to start to become a thought leadership focused agency