The Magnificent 7

While writing a book is a powerful way to establish your authority and expertise, the real impact comes from how you market and promote that book. There are countless tactics you could employ, but focusing your efforts on a few key, pragmatic strategies is essential.

Marketing expert Henry DeVries outlines his “Magnificent 7” actionable ways for agency owners to market their book to attract more right-fit clients into their sales pipeline.


#1 — Host Seminars and Q&As

One of the most direct ways to start building a following around your book is to host small seminars, workshops, or Q&A sessions centered on the topics you cover. Use live Zoom sessions to pull together an engaged audience interested in your expertise. Be relentlessly helpful by providing immense value — these should not be overt sales presentations.


#2 — Book Speaking Engagements

Getting yourself booked on relevant podcasts, webinars, conferences, and other stages is critical for sharing the book and your approach to your target audiences. Whether you’re invited as a guest speaker or being paid, getting your face in front of an audience to discuss the book and the philosophy behind it is key.


#3 — Repurpose Book Content

In addition to speaking, you need to pursue all available avenues for republishing excerpts, tips, and other segments pulled directly from your book. This could include contributing articles and content across industry newsletters, blogs, and news sites or starting your own newsletter to explore the book content more deeply. The more places your book is promoted, the more awareness you build around your expertise.


#4 — Start a Video Channel

With attention spans growing shorter, Henry recommends launching your own YouTube channel or video series featuring short, engaging snippets from your book’s teachings, no longer than 2 minutes each. This allows you to cover more ground from your book while keeping your audience engaged over time.


#5 — Get Involved in Groups

Identify the communities, organizations, or associations where your ideal clients congregate and get involved. Volunteer, attend events, and nurture connections. Becoming an active, helpful member builds credibility and trust over time.


#6 — Attend Industry Events

Similarly, make an effort to have a presence at any major conferences, trade shows, or meetings for your market. In-person networking, relationship building, and the ability to sell books directly can be hugely impactful.


#7 — Offer Exclusive Paid Content

Finally, package together exclusive premium content or data that clients would pay for. This could be research, industry benchmarks, analysis, templates, or frameworks built out from the concepts in your book. Being able to directly compare potential clients against peer data is extremely compelling.


Wrapping Up

By consistently executing this “Magnificent 7” approach to market your book, you avoid the scattered efforts of trying to reach random prospects through the internet. Instead, you directly insert yourself into the organizations and conversations already happening around your target market. This strategic book marketing lets you build real relationships and credibility, positioning yourself as the go-to expert when they need to hire.


Writing and publishing a high-quality book is just the first step. Having a pragmatic promotion plan leveraging these 7 tactics is essential for any agency owner looking to use their book successfully to attract new right-fit clients into their sales pipeline.

To learn more about how agency owners can write and market a book to fill their sales pipeline and attract right-fit clients, tune in to this episode of The Progressive Agency Podcast to hear more from our guest, Henry DeVries.



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