Dave Roehr is the CEO of Proceed Finance, and he has over three decades of experience in banking, finance, and strategic growth. He is a CPA just like myself, and in this episode of the Progressive Dentist podcast, Dave joins us to share his journey into the banking industry. He talks about how he got into consulting after a successful career as CFO and President of Cabella’s. And he walks us through the finance work he is doing currently within the world of high-end dentistry and large case dentistry.

Opportunity in Implantology

When it comes to patient financing, there are not many products out there that effectively help dental practices close cases and generate revenue, all while providing a patient-friendly interface as well. That is one of the primary reasons Dave came out of retirement and founded Proceed Finance. Right now, Implantology is a huge market with an unbelievable amount of untapped potential. Dental practices who leverage this opportunity will add an average of around $300,000 in additional revenue every year. Dave’s product helps dentists add this specialty service to their offerings with relative ease.

The Risk Share Model

With Dave’s product, dental practices are able to scale things up by taking just a little bit of a haircut. It offers a risk share model, which nobody else in the market has been doing. The doctor wants the case, he or she wants to take care of the patient, and the patient will benefit greatly from the procedure. Proceed Finance wants the exact same thing, and Dave believes everyone needs to put something on the table to make it work. The patient contribution is reflected in interest rates, the dentist contribution is reflected in provider fees, and Proceed takes the risk for both of those. As always, please visit me at www.theprogressivedentist.com for more informative podcast episodes with other remarkable business leaders.


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