Dr. Tarun Agarwal is a practicing dentist based in Raleigh, NC who is giving back to the dental community through a number of successful platforms. He is a respected speaker, author, thought leader, and host of the “TBone Speaks Dentistry” podcast. Dr. Agarwal is changing the way general dentists practice and he is back on the Progressive Dentist podcast to share more insights into the fundamentals of practice growth. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to my last conversation with Dr. Tarun Agarwal, you can find it here.

You Are Not in This Alone

When you look at what Dr. Agarwal has accomplished, it is easy to assume he must have been an overnight success. But we all know that’s not how it works in the dental industry. Even the most lucrative dental practices do not experience linear growth. This business is full of ups and downs, and any time you have growth, you have to plateau for a bit too. The most important thing to recognize, however, is that you are not alone. Professionals like Dr. Agarwal are paying it forward so others don’t have to make the same mistakes they made when starting out. Leverage the resources available to you and avoid the common pitfalls that many practitioners encounter when they first open their doors.

The Biggest Mistakes Practitioners Make

The first biggest mistake that dental practitioners make is opening their practice without insurance. The second biggest mistake is not putting enough money into a savings account to create financial flexibility. And the third biggest mistake is not diversifying the practice’s service line to bring new customers through the door. If you avoid these three things, you will already have a significant head start, but as 2020 has shown, there will always be new challenges around the corner. That is why you need to surround yourself with a network of like minded entrepreneurs. As always, please visit me at www.theprogressivedentist.com for more informative podcast episodes with other remarkable business leaders.


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