Derek Champagne is the Founder & CEO of The Artist Evolution, A full-service agency that builds memorable brands, marketing tools, and campaigns for startups and fortune 500 brands alike. He is also the author of the best-selling marketing book, “Don’t Buy a Duck,” and he hosts the popular Business Leadership Series podcast, which airs as a weekly business show on ESPN radio regionally. In this episode of the Progressive Dentist podcast, Derek joins us to talk about the most common ways businesses waste money on marketing.

Are Your Results Measurable?

Derek has been studying marketing for his entire life. From his professional music career to his experience working with national brands in the agency world, he built enough experience to branch off and create a more holistic approach to digital marketing. Derek uses integrated technology along with fundamental marketing tools and tactics to give businesses a strategy that produces measurable results. New customer acquisition, internal performance, and community optics are the key pillars to each strategy, and the difference between most freestyle marketing approaches and Derek’s method is night and day.

5 Fundamental Marketing Questions

Derek came up with a list of fundamental questions that help identify whether or not your business is addressing the common sticking points in marketing strategy. Who are you—what makes you different? Who are they—who is your audience? Are you using the right tools? What is your marketing plan? And is this an execution? All of these things are so unbelievably simple, yet they are missed all the time. This is a great starting point as you draw up your strategy for 2021. As always, please visit me at for more informative podcast episodes with other remarkable business leaders.


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