Achieving Abundance in Times of Scarcity, with Dr. Jordan Cooper

Episode 68:

Dr. Jordan Cooper, with numerous accomplishments in both dentistry and entrepreneurship, is one of the nation’s leading figures. Unable to restrict his energy to the practice of dentistry alone, Dr. Cooper has started several dental related businesses, built and sold a dental service organization (DSO), and consulted hundreds of dental practices going through transitions. As a result, Dr. Cooper possesses unique expertise in both dentistry and entrepreneurship, an expertise he loves to share with others.

Since graduating from the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry in 2006, Dr. Cooper has successfully created and sold seven dental practices, contributed several articles to The Progressive Dentist Magazine, written Chasing the Blue Marlin—an internationally best-selling book on entrepreneurship and self-motivation—received various dental awards, and filled various types of leadership roles across the state of Arkansas.

As an expert on the intersection between dentistry and entrepreneurship, and goal-setting and personal achievement, Dr. Cooper wants to share his insights with other passionate individuals, be they entrepreneurs, dentists, or both.

What You Will Learn:

  • Dr. Cooper’s journey into the dental industry
  • How DPOs can help your practice operate more efficiently
  • The most important lessons Dr. Cooper has learned throughout his entrepreneurial journey
  • Why it is so important to assume an abundance mindset over a scarcity mindset
  • Dr. Cooper’s hiring process, and how he approaches delegation in his business
  • The strategy Dr. Cooper used to successfully grow multiple practices
  • How dentists should evaluate potential marketing partners/strategies to design a plan based on their unique goals

How to contact Dr. Jordan Cooper:

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