Effective Marketing Strategies for Dental Practices, with Minal Sampat

Episode 49:

Minal Sampat is a Best-Selling author, global speaker, marketing strategist, and a dental hygienist. She launched her first marketing company by breaking a Guinness World Record. Minal has over a decade of experience helping dental practices find success trough connection and engagement strategies. Currently, Minal lives in Washington State with her husband and an extensive shoe collection. Her best-selling book, Why Your Marketing is Killing Your Business, is available on Amazon. To learn more or get in touch, visit MinalSampat.com.

What You Will Learn:

  • Minal’s journey into marketing and dentistry
  • How Minal has leveraged her experience as a dental hygenist to become a more effective marketer
  • Minal’s dental-specific marketing strategies that will bring more patients through your doors.
  • How to build an ideal patient avatar for your marketing strategy
  • How to determine the best use of your dental practice’s marketing budget

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