Home, Health, and Medical: More Proactive Tax Planning with Craig Cody

Episode 15:

Craig Cody is a certified public accountant, Certified Tax Coach™, business owner and the host of the Progressive Dentist Podcast. Prior to his current work, Craig spent seventeen years with the NYPD, where he retired as a Lieutenant in September 2000. Craig is an expert in helping his clients legally reduce their tax liabilities and keep more of their money. Through his podcast, Craig helps dentists grow their practices through smart financial decisions and through financial education of the kind that isn’t offered in dental school.

What You Will Learn:

  • Additional ways to keep more of what you make by analyzing your expenses
  • The common misconceptions of home-office deductions
  • How to milk your home office for everything it’s worth
  • Utilizing health savings accounts to save money
  • How to use a medical expense reimbursement plan to turn big-ticket medical procedures that aren’t covered by insurance into dollar-for-dollar deductibles

Additional Resources:

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