How to Become a ‘Happy Dentist,’ with Dr. William Burghardt

Episode 26:

Four Things That Make A Happy Dentist


Dr. Burghardt provides some of the latest advances in dental technology, including digital x-ray technology, mercury-free restorations, and implants to replace missing teeth. Each year, Dr. Burghardt attends extensive postdoctoral studies with the nation’s foremost clinicians.
Best of all, Dr. Burghardt combines this “big city” clinical dentistry with “small town” dental care and communication that makes patients feel right at home.

Dr. Burghardt attended the College of William & Mary before earning his doctorate from the University of Colorado School of Dentistry. He enjoys skiing, the outdoors, and exploring New England.

Dr. Burghardt is an award-winning dentist. He has been voted a regional favorite and won the Reader’s Choice Awards in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

What You Will Learn:

  • Dr. Burghardt’s story and how he became an entrepreneur
  • The significant role that coaches and mentors play in his daily life
  • How Burghardt managed to double the size of his practice and open a second one
  • Best practices for managing your finances
  • Developing your strengths to exceed patient expectations
  • Common financial mistakes that dentalpreneurs make
  • Time-saving tips for dental practitioners
  • When it is time to expand your practice
  • Four Things That Make A Happy Dentist

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