Tips for Scaling a Business, with Bill Sebald

Episode 33:

Tips for scaling a business that will help you minimize risk and get more done. Bill Sebald shares his best tips for scaling a business. Hear insights about:

  • How an early dream of becoming a rock star musician sparked Bill’s interest in the internet and driving traffic to websites
  • What sets Greenlane apart from competitors in the digital marketing and search engine optimization space
  • What tips for scaling a business Bill picked up over the course of his career that can benefit your own agency
  • Why the most important financial lesson Bill learned growing his agency was that having just a few “tentpole” clients was too risky
  • What strategies Bill would recommend for agencies who are looking to grow and expand, and why many organizations don’t care how big your agency is if you’re creative
  • What time-saving tips and daily strategies Bill uses to maximize the things he is able to accomplish each day
  • Why pushing away distractions and focusing on the big picture is the key to making a bigger impact with your business
  • Why hiring the right people who are strong in the areas you’re weak in can help you unlock the potential of your business

Tips for Scaling a Business
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Bill Sebald started in digital marketing in 1996, in the earliest days of SEO. Since then, he has worked with more than 100 highly recognized retailers, fashion brands, sports brands, and B2B businesses. He speaks, teaches, and writes all over the web. Today, Bill owns a Moz recommended search marketing agency (called Greenlane) focusing on growing ROI in competitive markets through search marketing.