Agency Coaching, with Brent Weaver

Episode 34:

Agency coaching? It can help you avoid common mistakes and challenges and accelerate the growth of your agency. Hear insights about:

  • How Brent started his first company in 1999 at the age of 17 building websites, and how he sold his agency in 2012 and moved into agency coaching
  • Why Brent’s goal is to help agencies avoid the same common challenges that he himself experienced growing his agency
  • Why the biggest financial challenge Brent faced was bootstrapping his business and not being able to pay his withholding taxes for three years as a result
  • Why coaching can help you accelerate the growth of your agency by learning strategies from experienced coaches who have already been where you are
  • Why making long-term financial investments in your leadership skills and in your business is a crucial step for the growth of your agency
  • How working with his own coach allowed Brent to see how much agency coaching can move the needle for an agency’s success
  • Why being curious, committed and open-minded are crucial traits for getting the most from agency coaching
  • Why Brent believes learning to delegate and developing soft skills are vital and necessary skills any agency owner needs to learn
  • How Brent uses data to project the profitability of his agency and to make key financial decisions

Agency Coaching

Agency Coaching

As an agency owner, you probably started your business with the intent of putting your skills and experience to work in your chosen field, whether that’s marketing or research, staffing, or IT. However, at a certain point in any agency’s growth, the owner must learn to extract themselves from the day-to-day work and instead focus on the profitability and health of the agency.

Making that transition from subject matter expert to business leader requires developing many new skills that probably lie outside your area of expertise, and so it can be challenging to shift your mindset and step into a leadership role. That’s where working with a great coach can help.

This week’s guest on the Progressive Agency podcast is Brent Weaver, founder, and CEO of UGURUS. Brent’s agency specializes in agency coaching and teaching owners how to avoid common challenges and mistakes and to instead focus on growing their businesses. Agency coaching can help you accelerate your path to success by allowing you access to expert insights and experiences from people who have already navigated the path you’re on. During our conversation, Brent shared how he helps his clients level up their leadership skills, learn to delegate the day-to-day work to their teams, and better understand their business financial numbers.

The Benefits of Agency Coaching and Developing Your Soft Skills

As Brent explained during his visit to the Progressive Agency podcast, the return on investment from agency coaching takes a while to show up; it isn’t a magic bullet that will instantly transform you as a leader. However, patience is rewarded in the long term, because your agency will grow significantly faster when you have the voice of experience helping you make important decisions and helping you better understand your role as a leader.

Brent says that the biggest thing that helped him boost his agency’s profitability and growth was developing his soft skills and leadership. Brent believes that it’s crucial for agency owners to be willing to invest in themselves and to approach agency coaching with a committed, focused, patient mindset. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and developing your leadership takes time, experience, and trial and error. Why would you want to go through that process alone, when you could instead have an experienced coach helping to guide you and clear your path?

To learn more about Brent Weaver, UGURUS, and the coaching programs and services Brent and his team offer, you can visit their website at or reach out to Brent directly at to request a copy of his book Get Rich in the Deep End. And, as always, please visit me at for more informative, money-saving podcast episodes like this one.

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About Brent Weaver:

Brent Weaver is on a mission to help 10,000 digital agency owners achieve freedom in business and life by helping them own their market.

Brent is the founder and CEO of UGURUS, a business training, and education company dedicated to this mission. He also hosts one of the leading podcasts in the business niche–The Digital Agency Show.

Brent is in partnership with UnlimitedWP–a scalable white label WordPress development team to help digital agencies grow without all the headaches of hiring and managing people. He is also a Brand Ambassador for Cloudways, a WordPress hosting company, helping them evangelize their platform.

When Brent isn’t working with agency owners around the globe, he enjoys going on date nights with his wife Emily and biking at the local skatepark with his two sons.