Marketing for Dental Offices, with Chris Pistorius

Episode 36:

Marketing for dental offices offers unique challenges, but expert Chris Pistorius has mastered the art. Hear insights about:

  • How Chris dipped his toe in advertising by selling ads for his college newspaper, and why he struck out on his own and started his own agency marketing for dental offices
  • Why Chris and his team chose to narrow their focus to specializing in helping dental offices and medical professionals with their marketing
  • What common financial and tax-related mistakes Chris has seen agency owners make, and how to avoid those pitfalls
  • Why it’s crucial to set up your business with documentation, processes and systems, and how doing so can add tremendous value to your business
  • How Chris and his team track and project their cash flow using robust data and spreadsheets to document everything
  • Why developing his sales and leadership skills have been key pillars of the success Chris has been able to create for his business
  • What process Chris followed to hire for his own weaknesses and develop his leadership experience
  • How Chris developed his podcast, the Dental Marketing Podcast, and what interesting and actionable topics his show covers

Marketing for Dental Offices

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About Chris Pistorius:

Chris Pistorius is the founder of KickStart Dental Marketing. While Chris specializes in dental marketing, other medical professionals, marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses can learn from his digital marketing experience of over 15 years. Chris has worked with countless local business owners in all industries across multiple facets of marketing, consulting, and coaching. Chris has been able to build his local digital marketing agency into one of the top marketing agencies in the country, as listed on UpCity, SEO For Growth, DesignRush, Expertise & AgencyVista. He shares his expertise by giving marketing seminars across the country and hosting a weekly marketing podcast.

Before starting his marketing agency in 2009, Chris worked for online marketing giants AOL, Time Warner, Dex & MapQuest. He holds several online marketing certifications and is trained by Google on how businesses can get the most out of their marketing efforts. He’s also the author of The Ultimate Guide to Internet Marketing for Dentists.

Chris resides in the Denver, CO area with his wife Michele and two kids, Kaitlyn & Brody.