Running a Fractional Marketing Agency, with Lindsey Huettner

Episode 49:

This week on the Progressive Agency podcast, I welcome Lindsey Huettner to the show. After starting and selling multiple businesses, she decided to start the marketing agency that she needed as a young entrepreneur. Lindsey shares her pricing structure and operational methodology that helps her business grow and run with ease. Hear insights about:

  • What limitations are found when hiring in-house employees for marketing
  • What are fractional marketing agencies, and how they differ from traditional agencies
  • How to set and implement a pricing structure when charging the same price for all services
  • The “profit first” accounting method, and how does it help entrepreneurs begin making a profit
  • How to save more time with the Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS) methodology
  • What is the most confusing part of finances in relation to running an agency
  • What number should you check weekly to ensure that you are being paid on time
  • Why obtaining a line of credit can help you be more proactive financially

Create What You Need

After building, growing, and selling multiple businesses it becomes pretty clear what an entrepreneur really needs from a marketing agency. My guest this week on the Progressive Agency Podcast is Lindsey Huettner. Lindsey is a serial entrepreneur who decided to create the type of agency that she always needed. Lindsey shares the structure for her fractional marketing agency, and her operational tips and strategies.

Developing New Options

When it’s time to prioritize your marketing efforts, most entrepreneurs find that they have two options — outsource to a traditional marketing agency or hire help to work in-house. Unfortunately, both solutions have their downsides. Traditional agencies offer help at varying prices, and if at any time your needs change, so does your price. On the other hand, in-house employees have their limitations. There will always be a capacity issue, and any time you have a project that is outside of your team’s expertise, you’ll find yourself outsourcing again. During our conversation, Lindsey explains how her fractional agency is an alternate solution aimed at solving the limitations within traditional agencies and in-house teams.

Becoming Proactive

Much of the stress that agency owners face is due to a lack of process, organization, and structure. During our conversation, Lindsey shares how she has implemented the Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS) to help build foundations within her business that increase efficiency and allow her to feel at ease. She also explains how following a “profit first” accounting method and securing a line of credit allow her to be proactive financially. Listen to the episode to learn more:

How to Connect with Lindsey Huettner:

About Lindsey Huettner:

Serial Entrepreneur, Lindsey Harrison is a seasoned veteran of starting and selling businesses. She seized her first opportunity to make it in the real world with a job in commercial real estate for a UK firm. Juggling key territories (Manhattan, Chicago, D.C.), Lindsey’s initiation was a trial-by-fire sort she loved every moment of the fast-paced, jet-setting lifestyle! When she was presented with an opportunity to stay closer to the Big D, she jumped at the chance as an advertising exec with an impressive book of clientele.

Lindsey learned a tremendous amount working in the corporate world but banker’s hours weren’t her thing. While climbing the corporate ladder, she was also finding her wings as an entrepreneur. Her pet sitting hobby turned into a 1,200-client empire, she bought a snow-cone stand and DVD-rental machines, and while those were fun and profitable, she felt the undeniable pull of the tech world. She sold the 25,000-subscriber online deal-a-day website she created to a national brand after just 2 years. That payday allowed her to purchase Krimson & Klover, which she transitioned from one small clothing store to two buzzworthy brick-and-mortar stores and a thriving e-commerce store.

In 2014 it was time for the next chapter, Lindsey is putting her business acumen to work helping other businesses to achieve success with a fractional marketing agency, The it Crowd. The agency started small but has exploded as the word has gotten out on how different their approach is to marketing. Lindsey has been positioned as a national marketing expert and regularly gives speeches as well as radio and tv interviews based on marketing. She also gives seminars in coordination with microloan programs around the world to teach and promote business ownership to climb out of poverty.

If you’ve always wanted to be part of the “it crowd”, consider yourself IN. Lindsey and her team are ready to jump right in and help you achieve your goals just say the word!