Reframing the Narrative Around Making New Hires, with Dan Englander

Episode 58:

I’m honored to have Dan Englander with me this week on the Progressive Agency podcast. Dan is the CEO and Founder of Sales Schema and host of The Digital Agency Growth Podcast. He joins me to share the details of growing an agency and how to ensure you hire the right people into your organization. During our conversation, Dan also discusses how to balance personalizing critical touchpoints and scaling to ensure consistent and reliable growth. Hear insights about:

  • How Dan got out from under the sales-client-service shuffle
  • Why you should reframe your thinking around new hires
  • The most important financial lesson Dan has learned over the last few years
  • Why you have to integrate hiring new people into all of your processes
  • The two different skill sets you need to make successful hires
  • The most common financial mistakes that agency owners make and how to avoid them
  • Two key strategies that agencies can leverage to build and grow their business

Learning to Hire Effectively

Bad hires are very costly. My guest this week on the Progressive Agency Podcast, Dan Englander, highlights the importance of learning to hire staff effectively, and shares why the ‘hire fast, fire fast’ philosophy just doesn’t work. He offers advice on how to reframe your thinking when it comes to hiring new talent, and how that will ultimately save your agency money in the long run.


Personalizing Critical Touchpoints

Dan describes his early experiences in the agency space, how he got caught in the sales-client-service shuffle, the lessons he learned, and why he started Sales Schema. He highlights his agency’s evolution from cold outreach to personalizing their service where it really matters. We also discuss the specifics of why there’s more power in the squad and how fractional teams allow businesses to leverage a vast range of expertise, particularly in a tight labor market.

The Profit First Model

Dan shares with us how he made sense of cash flow in his business by doing a version of the profit first model and why he has found it helpful. If you put tax and profit away first, it makes it much simpler to judge cash flow. Listen to the episode to learn why Dan believes you have to be aware of the impact of the economy on your cash flow.

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About Dan Englander:

Dan Englander is the CEO and Founder of Sales Schema, a fractional new business team for marketing agencies and B2B service companies, and he hosts The Digital Agency Growth Podcast. He’s also the author of Relationship Sales At Scale and Mastering Account Management. Previously Dan was the first employee Head of New Business at the animation studio IdeaRocket. He lives in New York, and in his spare time, he enjoys hurting himself via Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.