Know Your Business Numbers, with Isaac Rudansky

Episode 35:

Know your business numbers; they are the key to identifying problems, opportunities, and when to expand your team. Hear insights about:

  • How Isaac founded his digital advertising business, AdVenture Media, while attaining his Master’s Degree
  • How Isaac’s passion for learning Google Adwords helped drive his agency’s spectacular growth, and how Isaac learned why it is so important to know your business numbers
  • Why cutting corners in your marketing won’t get you the results you want, and why it’s crucial to invest in and follow through with your campaigns
  • Why Isaac believes it is crucial to set expectations with his clients before money changes hands, and why patience and follow-through are vital
  • Why the key to a fruitful partnership between AdVenture Media and its clients is for Isaac and his team to spend time learning the client’s business and expectations
  • Why Isaac describes himself as “risk-averse,” and why he struggled to decide to invest in hiring team members to help with the workload
  • Why adding team members and delegating tasks is a powerful way to grow your business, freeing you to work on the things that will truly move the needle
  • Why it is crucial to know your business numbers and how hiring team members affect those numbers, and why that level of clarity is the key to knowing when to hire
  • Why ordinary people with a powerful work ethic are far more effective and productive than extremely talented people who do the bare minimum to get by

Know Your Business Numbers

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About Isaac Rudansky:

Isaac Rudansky founded AdVenture Media in 2012 after earning his Masters’s Degree in Industrial Psychology from Hofstra University.

Under Isaac’s leadership, AdVenture Media grew more than 100% year over year throughout its first four years in business.

Isaac and the AdVenture team have worked with 500+ companies including multiple publicly traded companies and billion-dollar brands.

Isaac’s digital advertising training is the most popular paid search and social ads training on the internet, with over 200,000 students enrolled from around the globe.